Established in 1981, TCL has developed into two major industrial groups of TCL Technology and TCL Industry after more than forty years of development. TCL Technology focuses on semiconductor display, semiconductor photovoltaic, and semiconductor material industries, supporting its main business with industrial finance and investment platforms, and accelerating the transformation into a technology and capital-intensive high-tech industrial group. TCL Industry focuses on smart terminal products and services, aiming to provide global users with a full range of intelligent technology products and services.



          In 2022, both TCL Technology and TCL Industry achieved revenues exceeding 100 billion yuan. In the future, with the mission and vision of "leading technology, harmonious coexistence", we will accelerate towards becoming a “global leading intelligent technology industrial group”!

Cultural Philosophy

          Our mission is "leading technology, harmonious coexistence", and we are committed to investing in fields closely related to human life, establishing technological and product leadership advantages, bringing wonderful experiences and a better life to people, and making social contributions. At the same time, we continuously improve the quality of development, and are committed to environmental friendliness, employee’s devotion and social trust. 


           We advocate the core values of change, innovation, responsibility, and excellence.


          Change is our inherent gene and internal driving force that pushes us to constantly change ourselves and adapt to changes. Innovation is the driving force that propels us to explore  unknown field and constantly move forward. Responsibility is the core principle for us to start from ourselves in how we conduct ourselves and our work. Excellence is both a pursuit and a result, it is the lasting force that pulls us towards new heights.

Social contribution
Green and low-carbon
TCL CSOT's t3 production line reduced greenhouse gases by 1,725 tons on a year-on-year basis in 2020
TCL CSOT photovoltaic power generation project can generate 40 million KWH per year
TCL CSOT HVA technology can improve 8k penetration and reduce energy consumption
The photoelectric conversion efficiency of Zhonghuan G12 silicon chip was increased by 3%, and KWH cost was reduced by 6%
The recycling rate of 7 types of packaging materials was more than 95%
Accountability Operation
Customs AEO advanced certification enterprise, bank AAA rating
2021 Forbes Best Employer
In 2021, TCL provided more than 2.2 million hours of training for nearly 71,000 employees
In 2020, 49.74 million yuan was issued for employees' interest-free housing loans
Fairness and justice
TCL has been supporting education and public welfare for continuous 26 years
TCL has carried out projects such as "TCL Candlelight Award Program of Hope Project " and "A.I. Go Home", helped 2,600 rural teachers and benefited more than 250,000 left-behind children
Launched "TCL for Her" series of activities to encourage women to pursue their dreams
Independent and innovation
Independently built the world's highest generation panel production line at that time, thus broke the situation of "lacking chips and screens"
The first to develop Mini LED technology, and has launched the world's leading third generation products
Adhere to long-term investment and explore industrialization of ink-jet printing OLED

Founder's Words

Establishment of the company
China's first hands-free keypad telephone
China's first 28-inch color TV
China's first company to implement incremental equity incentive
Established the first overseas subsidiary in Vietnam, becoming one of the first Chinese companies to go globally
The Launch of Diamond Mobile Phone
China's first company to go public as a whole, who acquired Thomson's color TV business and Alcatel's mobile phone business, and led the way for international mergers and acquisitions of Chinese companies.
The first dual-core laptop computer was born in China, and corporate culture innovation with the concept of "Rebirth of eagle" was promoted.
The first internet TV was launched in China by TCL CSOT, thus the situation of "lacking chips and screens" in China was broken.
The world's largest 110-inch 3D LCD TV
The first quantum dot TV was launched in China, and "Dual+" strategic transformation was officially proposed.
The world's largest 8.5 generation LCD panel production line was established, the mobile phone brand of Palm was acquired, and the dual-driven development strategy was implemented.
TCL introduced the first pollution-free pulsator washing machine in China, and announced the establishment of a joint venture with Brazil's SEMP.
Air conditioner sales exceeded 10 million units, and a joint venture was formed with the home appliance giant of Argentine .
Full-scene TV with floating window was introduced, TCL CSOT's T6 production and T7 construction were come into operation, an integrated module and complete machine manufacturing industry park of India was constructed, and TCL Europe R&D Center was established in Poland.
AlxloT strategic layout was announced, leading to strategic transformation and restructuring. An integrated module and complete machine manufacturing base in Vietnam was constructed. TCL CSOT officially released the world's first "MLED-Star Screen." The company's corporate culture was upgraded, and The Way to Global Leadership was published.
TCL Technology completed its name change and introduced the world's first 31-inch ink-jet flexible sample printer. The company also launched the world's first cloud roll screen and tri-fold screen concept phones. TCL also released the first domestically available rotating smart screen , and acquired Zhonghuan Semiconductor and Suzhou Samsung.
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