Recruitment program
Campus recruitment program
24th Autumn recruitment

Open to fresh graduates with expected graduation dates between September 2023 and December 2024.
Online application date: opens on August 21th

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Management trainee program
super A plan

Open to fresh graduates with expected graduation dates between September 2023 and December 2024.Mainly selecting globally talented graduates with potential.
Online application date: opens on August 21th.

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Trainee program
Summer vacation trainee

A practice program of no less than 3 months open to all current students
Online application date: opens on May 15th

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Campus recruitment program
The 24th early recruitment

Online application date: opens on July 14th

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Recruitment news
TCL 2024届全球校园招聘正式启动!
与TCL同频,成长收获无垠!TCL 2024届全球校园招聘正式启动! 生而不凡,潜力无限~~敢为向上,TCL等你!点击上方链接,即刻投递简历!
Hello, TCL!清华大学深研院校企参访活动圆满落幕
TCL 2024届全球校园招聘正式启动!
与TCL同频,成长收获无垠!TCL 2024届全球校园招聘正式启动! 生而不凡,潜力无限~~敢为向上,TCL等你!点击上方链接,即刻投递简历!
逆势“储才” TCL 2023届校招2800人
Hello, TCL!西安交通大学校企参访
T招聘 | TCL通力2024届实习生招聘正式启动!
T招聘 | TCL实业2024届暑期实习生招聘正式开启!
TCL招聘!| TCL实业2024届暑期实习生招聘正式开启!
Hello, TCL!| 天津大学校企参访!
T招聘 | TCL2023届香港站校招进行时
Hi, 香港!TCL2023届校招进行时
See you in America!美国站宣讲行程来啦~
Campus recruitment TV
Campus recruitment welfare
Details of spacial circle subsidies
According to the current welfare policies of various industries, partially provide international talent subsidies, high-level talent agreement salary, regional subsidies, resettlement expenses, dining subsidies, commercial insurance and other benefits.
Customized training system
One-to-one tutorial system provides customized training program for you, help you cope with a variety of problems smoothly, and control the pace of work easily.
Diversified development mechanism
Open of promotion window every year provide a bigger stage for you to play; Horizontal talent flow mechanism encourages you break through boundaries and realize self-value in more fields.
*Benefit policy is subject to the latest company policy
Words of young eagles
YuQiu Zhao
TCLCSOT Senior engineer, Commercial Display Product Planning Department
TCL is willing to give young people opportunities and resources to enable young eagles to build dreams bravely, have courage to pursue dreams, and work hard to realize the dreams. As a member of young eagles, she has independently managed new product development projects, overall planned product signposts and completed business demonstration etc., in the end gained a full sense of happiness.
KunHu Huang
TCL Industry Training Supervisor, China Marketing Headquarters
Knowing that I stepped into a pit, I think this is a proof that I am thinking and not doing this blindly. I never thought I would be in this industry, this sector. TCL platform allows me to have channels and ways to share my ideas, which is a very fulfilling thing for me.
ZhiFu Cao
TCL CSOT Head of Finance department of Huizhou base
I have been working in TCL since I graduated from university, and I also started a family here. When my child was about two or three years old, we took him back to his hometown, and he saw a big Logo on the wall, he said, "Dad!" TCL is the company where my father works, and at that moment I felt that working in TCL brought me a different meaning.
Yue Zhao
TCL Zhonghuan General manager,New energy battery
From a recent graduate to a member of the photovoltaic leading award, TCL Central has written a vivid footnote to the global leader with the rapid growth of 11 years. Looking back at the past period of change, the company's decision-making process is more focused on results, and employees are highly motivated.
Hui Chen
TCL CSOT Director of a panel factory,Manufacturing center
I entered TCL CSOT in 2010, was the first young eagle, after 12 years of tempering, from an engineer to a panel factory director. Like a lot of people, I started with the details. When I first built t1, I went to the site to move materials and inspect, and also cleaned equipment and floors in the workshop. I also worked three or four years of night shifts. During this process, I constantly improved myself in basic work and actively sought challenges and breakthrough opportunities.
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